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August 31st, 2011, 2:50 pm

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Right To Left

Occupation:Shadow Riser
Relation:Family- Friends:Shrake,Spade.
Likes:Causing Troble,Fighting,Partying.

Bio:Violet Is On Team Shadow Risers. Yet She Was Very Poor Girl. When She Was 14 She Entered A Battle Againt Rouge The Bat. Sadly Violet Lost Badly. But Shrake Saw That She Had Potential. He Told Her About Their Group And She Accepeted.When Blake And Moonlight Were Fighting Againt Violet And Shrake,Violet Then Knew That Moonlight Was Her Rival. Violets Has The Power To Control Plants,But When She Does They Turn A Dark Purplish Color And Fill With Poison.

Relation:Family- Friends:Blake
Likes:Sarcasm,Angerin People,Being Alone.
Hates:Idiots,Losing,Being Annooyed.

Bio:When Boomer Was 6 He Didint Have Any Friends. He Grew Up Lonely With His Parents.Years Passed And Now Hes 16. He Doens't Have A Job Either. But When Blake,Moonlight,Diamond,And Victoria Got Back To Earth They Befriended Him And For Once In His Life He Felt Welcomed. His Powers Are That He Can Throw Bomb And Make Them Explode When He Want Them Too.

Occupation:Physcho Killer
Realtion: Family- Friends-

Bio:Crazed Was Created By Dream King. Somehow Dreamkings Monster "Crazed" Got Of His Dreams And Began Killing People On Earth. Crazed Is Still Loyal To Dream King. Crazed Is After Blake And All His Friends. He Believes He Will Kill Them All One Day.
Crazed Has Varietys Of Powers Such As Changing His Hand Into Weapons,Lava And Acid,Speed,And Alot Of Agility.

Name:Dream King
Occupation:Haunting Dreams
Relation: Family- Friends-

Bio:Dream King Is The Master Of Haunting Mobians And Humans Dreams. Hes Like The Freddy Kruegar Of Hedgehogs. He Was In A Hedgehogs Dream Once And He Summoned Crazed. But Somehow Crazed Escaped From The Dream To The Real World. Dream King Now Controls Crazed.

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